vineri, 2 decembrie 2016

Your city to 3D with Esri software.

Your city can be put into 3D environment using Esri City Engine.
This software come for Windows , Linux and MacOS X and come from ArcGIS Software
I tested the free trial demo with Windows SO.
This free trial is just for 30 days andafter that you will need to contact your local Esri office.
When you download the trial one webpage come with one authorization number.
This is provided to you to deal with installation proces.
The idea is great because can help many people.
I deal with street features and come sized functions.
You can use also textures, and generate tools, objects to edit and many format maps files.
If you want to build your city from simple gamer, business, virtual maps and enviroment then is a good choice.
You can take a look to see how is working.

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