duminică, 18 decembrie 2011

Qt with threaded OpenGL support.

Here's a pretty exciting news for developers. Qt, the cross-platform application and user interface framework, is available in version 4.8.0 under fedora 16. The new Ot has the threaded OpenGL support. Under Fedora 16 , we have the development packages:
(1/2): libXv-devel-1.0.6-2.fc15.i686.rpm                 |  38 kB     00:00     
(2/2): qt-devel-4.8.0-0.23.rc1.fc16.i686.rpm             |  10 MB     00:03 
We expect developers will use this functionality to create new graphics applications.

sâmbătă, 3 decembrie 2011

3D engine for Java developers

Who wants to write 3D games that run on Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android ?
If you are a Java developer and you want do that , then use jMonkeyEngine framework jME).
The engine is written in Java and uses LWJGL for OpenGL access.
It is a high-performance, 3D scenegraph-based graphics API with state-of-the-art features.
The jME3 is completely open-source under the BSD license and it is free to use it.
You can find documentation, help and a nice community around JME and jMonkeyEngine.
jMonkeyEngine Homepage

China will launch first 3D television channel in January

The Internet brings us news about 3D television, in a region less than expected - China.

Beijing: Television viewers in China can expect a totally different viewing experience as the country's hopes to launch its first 3D television channel Jan 1, 2012, the government has announced. The TV channel will go into official operation during the Lunar New Year Festival in late January, Xinhua reported.

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