vineri, 31 ianuarie 2014

Best 2014 game engine from I-Novae Studios.

According to official website this will be a great game engine ...
The I-Novae engine incorporates a cutting-edge graphics engine with an advanced terrain engine, soon to be twinned with a complete toolset. This allows developers to display environments on any scale, utilizing procedural techniques to generate anything from planets to entire galaxies, while being capable of integrating heightmaps or geospatial data seamlessly allowing complete control over the environment...
See this official video with this great engine :

joi, 30 ianuarie 2014

20% off FPS Creator Reloaded

Now the engine is come with 20% off FPS Creator Reloaded! and 37 people claimed this offer ... in this moment. Also this offer can be found on facebook webpage.
The price on website come with:
Bronze : Pledge Price $30
Silver : Pledge Price $80
Gold : Pledge Price $100
You can see more about this ...

duminică, 26 ianuarie 2014

Comics Life 3 - make your own comics .

Comic Life 3 for Windows is the latest major release to make your comics.
Come with many features and you can test it. It's simple to use ...
You can download this software from here - 30 day free trial.
If you want to buy this software then you need to have $29.99.
See next video tutorial make by Suneil Basu an you understand how it's working:

sâmbătă, 18 ianuarie 2014

WebGL and pictures transition.

WebGL can be used with one WebGL capable browser to make some nice effects or games.
This website show us how nice can be show pictures into website .
You can select one effect (ripple, page turn, door way, ...)  with shape Bezier curve ( over time ) and the delay effect.