sâmbătă, 2 iulie 2016

Tested: Sheep it Render Farm.

Today I used this render farm named: Sheep it Render Farm and they tells us:

What is a render farm?

A render farm is a group of computers connected together to complete a large task. In the case of 3D rendering, most of the time, a render farm will split frames of an animation to multiple computers, so instead of having a single computer who works for 100 days you can have 100 computers who will work for 1 day.

So I tested and come with free registration, free project adding and free rendering.
First the CPU and GPU from my laptop are supported.
You can selet only the GPU or CPU or both.
You can render project and will have credits and this is very inportant.
Why? Because you need to wait if you don't have credits - mode details FAQ.
You can take a look at status.
I take a look at status: 3316 frames per hour, time to complete render: 6h52m
I also I tested with one 250 frames with 60 frames/s Blender 3D file.

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