sâmbătă, 18 octombrie 2014

Two years and 4.5 million ...

This city was created by Duncan Parcells. An art student interested in interactive design how make this possible over two years of working with Minecraft.
The city can be get from here. Also you can see it bellow:

marți, 7 octombrie 2014

News : Blender 3D version 2.72

The new Blender 3D software has arrived with new features and tools.
I test it and is a great job make by the Blender 3D team. The splash is great ...  
About the application the new features cand be found here.
 ... or the features that are currently in development:
 - GSOC Painting additions
 - Pie Menus
 - Freestyle Rendering for Cycles
 - Rewritten Array Modifier
 - Dragging Masks with Handles
 - New Drag Handles
 - Intersect Tool
 - HSL Color Ramps
 - Sun Beams Node
 - Cycles Reflective and Refractive Caustics
 - Cycles experimental GPU Kernel
 - Cycles Anamorphic Bokeh.
I like also the Pie menu from user interface :

About news you can see some video here.
Great job.