joi, 25 decembrie 2014

Grease Pencil with Blender 2.73 Release Candidate 1 (RC 1)

One major upgrade of the Grease Pencil come into Blender 2.73 Release Candidate 1 (RC 1) . In this video make by by Daniel M. Lara with nickname pepeland we can see how to do it. This great feature help us to hand-drawn storyboarding in 3D.

joi, 18 decembrie 2014

News: NeoAxis 3D Engine 3.1 Released

The new release is announce by NeoAxis development team:
NeoAxis Group Ltd is glad to announce the release of a new version of the universal environment for 3D project development NeoAxis 3D Engine 3.1. This version brings 2 major new features: the add-on creation possibilities have been extended and you can now embed a web browser easily inside your project UI thanks to the new built-In Web Browser UI widget!
This free development environment can be downloaded from oficial website.

About Nvidia FleXes with PhysX effects.

This is a video from youtube about Nvidia FleXes new PhysX effects make by NVIDIA. This video helped users to understanding all simulations under NVIDIA devices. GPU-driven engine make all simulations with particle-based physics simulation that lets different effects affect one another. FleX is Nvidia's GameWorks program working currently in beta stage.

miercuri, 3 decembrie 2014

Your face - the year 2034.

This website will help you to see your future-self.
Just take a picture of yourself, tell your age and gender, and let yourself be guided inside the world of 2034.

luni, 1 decembrie 2014

News: NeoAxis come with news about 3D develoment framework.

The development team of NeoAxis Group come with this news:
NeoAxis Group Ltd is glad to announce that the universal 3D develoment framework NeoAxis 3D Engine is now completely free, as the community has been asking for it. You can freely download the recently published SDK 3.0, which includes all the features previously reserved to Unlimited and Source licences. From now, the engine will developed as free tool. Paid licenses will still give customers access to a bigger part of the engine\'s source code.
Read more:

MakeHuman to reconstruction of an egyptian mummy.

The 3D designer artist Cicero Moraes has used MakeHuman for the reconstruction of an egyptian mummy.
You can read more about this here .
The egiptean mummy can be found at Art Museum Riga Bourse webpage. or to facebook page.
The 3d mummy is show us using LG interactive stereoscopic mode.

sâmbătă, 15 noiembrie 2014

Assassin's Creed Unity not running well on AMD hardware.

Ubisoft blames AMD for the technical issues in Assassins Creed Unity.
See this news from guru3d website : assassins-creed-unity-not-running-well-on-amd-hardware.

sâmbătă, 18 octombrie 2014

Two years and 4.5 million ...

This city was created by Duncan Parcells. An art student interested in interactive design how make this possible over two years of working with Minecraft.
The city can be get from here. Also you can see it bellow:

marți, 7 octombrie 2014

News : Blender 3D version 2.72

The new Blender 3D software has arrived with new features and tools.
I test it and is a great job make by the Blender 3D team. The splash is great ...  
About the application the new features cand be found here.
 ... or the features that are currently in development:
 - GSOC Painting additions
 - Pie Menus
 - Freestyle Rendering for Cycles
 - Rewritten Array Modifier
 - Dragging Masks with Handles
 - New Drag Handles
 - Intersect Tool
 - HSL Color Ramps
 - Sun Beams Node
 - Cycles Reflective and Refractive Caustics
 - Cycles experimental GPU Kernel
 - Cycles Anamorphic Bokeh.
I like also the Pie menu from user interface :

About news you can see some video here.
Great job.

luni, 15 septembrie 2014

Cyberpunk 2077 by Platige Images

Using an early prototype 72xDSLR custom capture system, Infinite-Realities® was able to provide an array of expressive, dynamic full body pose scans to help aid in bringing realistic looking humans to life, also provided Scanning and Capture services for CD Projekt Red and Platige Image on their latest Cinematic. Cyberpunk 2077. See all about this , cyberpunk-2077-by-platige-images .

sâmbătă, 30 august 2014

MakeHuman 1.0.2 new released.

MakeHuman 1.0.2 released are now available for Suse 12.3, 13.1 and Fedora 19 ,20 .
If you want to install this then follow this link.

joi, 28 august 2014

GLSL Sandbox

GLSL Sandbox come with news.
New examples about WebGL and GLSL can be found there.
See more at

Unity Cloud Build on the horizon.

From official Unity I received this newsletter: Unity Cloud Build on the horizon.
  Our major announcement at Unite 2014 was something that has the potential to take a massive weight off the shoulders of anyone making games. Automating build generation and putting it in the Cloud can free up a whole ton of resources – making it faster and easier to generate builds and share them with your team. Unity Cloud Build automatically monitors your project's source control repository (with support for Git, Subversion and Perforce) and creates new builds for you – currently on iOS, Android, and the Unity Web Player. Unity Cloud build is currently in closed beta, and we'll be sure to let you know when it's ready. It'll be available on a subscription-based model with a free tier.

Unite 2014 Highlight Reel - Youtube

A showcase of some of excellent Unity authored titles, released and upcoming, as shown during the keynote at 2014 in Seattle. Learn more about Unity:

vineri, 22 august 2014

The best autumn games - 2014

The year 2014 will see release of numerous games.

  • THE SIMS 4 (PC) – 4 september 2014 
  • DEAD RISING 3 (PC) – 5 september 2014 
  • DESTINY (PS4, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One) – 9 september 2014 
  • FIFA 15 (PC, PS4, PS3, Xbox 360, Xbox One) – 26 september 2014 
  • FORZA HORIZON 2 (Xbox One, Xbox 360) – 30 september 2014 

  •  MIDDLE-EARTH: SHADOW OF MORDOR (PC, PS4, PS3, Xbox 360, Xbox One) – 3 october 2014 
  • ALIEN: ISOLATION (PC, PS4, PS3, Xbox 360, Xbox One) – 7 october 2014 
  • DRIVECLUB (PlayStation 4) – 8 october 2014 
  • BORDERLANDS: THE PRE-SEQUEL (PC, PS3, Xbox 360) – 17 october 2014 
  • F1 2014 (PC, PS3, Xbox 360) – 17 october 2014 
  • THE EVIL WITHIN (PC, PS4, PS3, Xbox 360, Xbox One) – 17 october 2014 
  • CIVILIZATION: BEYOND EARTH (PC) – 24 october 2014 
  • ASSASSIN’S CREED: UNITY (PC, PS4, Xbox One) – 28 october 2014 
  • LORDS OF THE FALLEN (PC, PS4, Xbox One) – 31 october 2014
  • SUNSET OVERDRIVE (Xbox One) – 31 october 2014

luni, 28 aprilie 2014

News - WHQL version of the Catalyst 14.4 graphics drivers .

AMD has released the WHQL version of the Catalyst 14.4 graphics drivers with the support of the latest Radeon R9 295X2 and brings the full support of OpenGL 4.4.
The complete release notes are available here.

luni, 21 aprilie 2014

Blender 3D - Dynamic Paint Waves

Today a make a video about Dynammic Paint Waves.
I use two planes and one cylinder.
First plane has one texture with some text. The next plane is black.
The cylinder make some waves ( using dynamic paint waves) this will show something from plane with texture. The black plane will be into the front of camera. The render image will be just one part of the texture plane.
After that the plane with texture - text will come into the front of camera with some rotation of the plane.
This will make one slide transition of the entire texture and will show us the text.
See the final video :

vineri, 18 aprilie 2014

About the fastest gaming GPU .

The world's fastest gaming GPU, TITAN Z powers spectacular demos of smoke, fire and unbelievable action in Unreal Engine 4 from Epic Games, at GTC 2014, in San Jose, Calif.

joi, 17 aprilie 2014

Blender 3D version 2.7 a .

Blender 2.70a is the latest stable release from the Blender Foundation. 
To download it, please select your platform and location.
Blender 2.70a was released on April 11, 2014 
The release logs for this release can be found here.

duminică, 13 aprilie 2014

Puppet 2D - skeletal animation tool for Unity 3D.

Puppet 2D is a 2D skeletal animation tool for Unity 3D that allows you to quickly set-up your 2D character for animating.
With this tool you can create 2D skeletons, skin your characters to the bones, and create really easy to use controls that make animating 2D characters a breeze. With Puppet 2D you can quickly create bones to control your characters.
You can create easy to use controls like IK controls that will make it really simple and intuitive to pose your characters. Puppet 2D allows you to convert Unity sprites into polygon meshes that can be skinned to the bones for more subtle mesh deformation.
puppet2d promo from Jamie Niman on Vimeo.

sâmbătă, 5 aprilie 2014

News - Blend4Web framework.

The new framework for authoring and interactive rendering of three-dimensional graphics and audio in browsers is named Blend4Web.
This software let you to creating visualizations, presentations, online-shops, games and other rich internet applications.
The Blend4Web framework is a library for web pages, a Blender addon and some tools integrated tightly with 3D modeling and animation tool Blender.
You can download it from here.

marți, 1 aprilie 2014

News: Romanian first game ...

This game come with side scrolling shooter and puzzle elements based on the Unity engine.
You can use this keys to control the game:
W, A, D - movement 
R - reload 
SPACE - use
SHIFT - run 
ESC - pause 
MOUSE - Aim and Fire 
The game can be downloaded from here. You can also see more about this game :

duminică, 23 martie 2014

News - UNREAL ENGINE 4 dropped the price.

Now developers everywhere can take advantage of the fully featured toolset, integrated systems and the full C++ source code open for all for 19$ per months, 5% royalties.
Unreal Engine 4 provides an entire ecosystem, support Oculus VR, Linux, Valve’s Steamworks and Steam Box and deployment of games to web browsers via HTML5.

vineri, 21 martie 2014

News : Blender 3D come with new version 2.70

The Blender Foundation and online developer community come with news about Blender 2.70. The new version 2.70 include initial support for volumetrics in Cycles, and faster rendering of hair and textures, motion tracker now supports weighted tracks and also over 560 bugs that existed in previous releases have been fixed. Working with mesh modeling is more simple because there are new Laplacian deform and wireframe modifiers. The game engine now supports object levels of detail and also python scripting API makes it a highly programmable NPR rendering engine. Come with new addons in this version: Sketchfab Online Integration and Node Wrangler (aka Nodes Efficiency Tools). The interface is more consistent and powerful.

duminică, 16 martie 2014

News: NVIDIA R332.76 WHQL Quadro Drivers .

NVIDIA has published a new set of ODE (Optimal Drivers for Enterprise) graphics drivers for Quadro, NVS, Tesla and GRID graphics hardware.

New in this driver release:
  • First ODE driver to support Windows 8.1
  • CUDA
    • Added CUDA 6.0
  • OpenGL
    • Added support for OpenGL  4.4
  • Workstation Features
    • Mosaic
      • Improved Mosaic setup times for HDMI display devices
      • Added default topology and display numbering in the NVIDIA Control Panel->Mosaic setup process.
    • NvWMI  - Updated to version 2.15*
      • New API that supports creation of multiple default display grids with a single call. Also, supports creation of multiple default + custom grids, with a single call
      • New API that supports validation of multiple default display grids with a single call. Also, supports validation of multiple default + custom grids, with a single call
  • Discontinued support for Windows XP.   
  • NVIDIA Control Panel Changes
    • Workstation->EDID Management
      • Added controls to improve productivity by providing a way to force an EDID on multiple connectors at a time, instead of one at a time
    • Display->Change Resolution
      • Added controls to import or export customs resolutions. Allows users to create a custom resolution and then export it to a file which can be edited and/or imported for recreating the same set of custom resolutions on the same system or across systems.
  • Workstation application compatibility fixes. Please read the release notes for more information on product support, feature limitations, driver fixes and known compatibility issues.
  • If you would like to be notified of upcoming drivers for Windows, please subscribe here.

Existing Support:
  • Support for CUDA 5.5
  • Support for the Open Computing Language (OpenCL) 1.1*
  • Support for DirectX11

* Quadro FX4600 and FX5600, Quadro FX x700 series and newer GPUs
** For details on the previous NvWMI release version please refer to the NvWMI Help file. 

joi, 13 martie 2014

News about CRYENGINE - adding linux suppport .

Independent videogame developer and publisher Crytek adding Linux Support for CryEngine Bodes Well for Steam OS. Here’s the salient bit from Crytek’s blog:

During presentations and hands-on demos at Crytek’s GDC booth, attendees can see for the first time ever full native Linux support in the new CRYENGINE. The CRYENGINE all-in-one game engine is also updated with the innovative features used to recreate the stunning Roman Empire seen in Ryse – including the brand new Physically Based Shading render pipeline, which uses real-world physics simulation to create amazingly realistic lighting and materials in CRYENGINE games.

luni, 10 februarie 2014

NeoAxis integrated the FMOD library into the NeoAxis 3D Engine.

The NeoAxis Group Ltd has integrated the FMOD library into the NeoAxis 3D Engine. FMOD is a set of audio content creation tools made by Firelight Technologies that play music files of diverse formats on many different operating system platforms, used in games and software applications to provide audio functionality.
•Basis set of features same as OpenAL, DirectSound sound system in the engine
•Binaries for NeoAxis 2.X
•Windows and Mac support
•FMOD Ex 4.44 •Source code of implementation included
Read more here.

joi, 6 februarie 2014

News: NeoAxis with Awesomium library .

NeoAxis 3D Engine is a free integrated development environment.
Awesomium makes it easy to use HTML UI in your C++ or .NET applications.
The new extension for the NeoAxis 3D Engine is available as a binary for Windows and Mac.
This allows embedding full-fledged web browser functionality into applications and games.

duminică, 2 februarie 2014

View molecules online ...

You can see many molecules example. It's working well with Firefox , Chrome, Opera and Safari. See more on this website The next image show us the penicillin ...

vineri, 31 ianuarie 2014

Best 2014 game engine from I-Novae Studios.

According to official website this will be a great game engine ...
The I-Novae engine incorporates a cutting-edge graphics engine with an advanced terrain engine, soon to be twinned with a complete toolset. This allows developers to display environments on any scale, utilizing procedural techniques to generate anything from planets to entire galaxies, while being capable of integrating heightmaps or geospatial data seamlessly allowing complete control over the environment...
See this official video with this great engine :

joi, 30 ianuarie 2014

20% off FPS Creator Reloaded

Now the engine is come with 20% off FPS Creator Reloaded! and 37 people claimed this offer ... in this moment. Also this offer can be found on facebook webpage.
The price on website come with:
Bronze : Pledge Price $30
Silver : Pledge Price $80
Gold : Pledge Price $100
You can see more about this ...

duminică, 26 ianuarie 2014

Comics Life 3 - make your own comics .

Comic Life 3 for Windows is the latest major release to make your comics.
Come with many features and you can test it. It's simple to use ...
You can download this software from here - 30 day free trial.
If you want to buy this software then you need to have $29.99.
See next video tutorial make by Suneil Basu an you understand how it's working:

sâmbătă, 18 ianuarie 2014

WebGL and pictures transition.

WebGL can be used with one WebGL capable browser to make some nice effects or games.
This website show us how nice can be show pictures into website .
You can select one effect (ripple, page turn, door way, ...)  with shape Bezier curve ( over time ) and the delay effect.