sâmbătă, 29 iunie 2013

News : Just only $249 NVIDIA GeForce GTX 760

New NVIDIA GeForce GTX 760 which offers amazing PC gaming performance will come with the new price for only $249.

Read more about this here.

marți, 25 iunie 2013

The iPad Pen come with wireless stylus.

This is the wireless stylus that makes taking notes on an iPad seem as natural as writing freehand with pen and paper.

Very nice device . You can read more about this device here.

This is one picture with the iPad Pen, the price : $169.95.

I don't have one iPad so don't tell you more.

I try to see it on youtube and this is the result , thank's TheJoLProductions for share us

luni, 24 iunie 2013

Test your browser WebGL with glMatrix.

The glMatrix is designed to perform vector and matrix operations stupidly fast! By hand-tuning each function for maximum performance and encouraging efficient usage patterns through API conventions, glMatrix will help you get the most out of your browsers Javascript engine.

The glMatrix has moved to GitHub.

Test with the new benchmark.

You can test your browser using old google

I have one old video card NVIDIA FX 5500 and this is the output.

 This page benchmarks the performance of several matrix libraries intended for use with WebGL: glMatrix, mjs, CanvasMatrix, and EWGL_math
Benchmark times are averaged over 10 runs of 20,000 iterations of the target operation.

glMatrix - Avg: 321.4ms, Min: 318ms, Max: 333ms

mjs - Avg: 563.8ms, Min: 560ms, Max: 569ms

CanvasMatrix - Avg: 26ms, Min: 24ms, Max: 30ms

EWGL - Avg: 591.3ms, Min: 321ms, Max: 2963ms


glMatrix - Avg: 81.6ms, Min: 81ms, Max: 84ms

mjs - Avg: 642.2ms, Min: 638ms, Max: 650ms

CanvasMatrix - Avg: 123.3ms, Min: 120ms, Max: 126ms

EWGL - Avg: 114.4ms, Min: 112ms, Max: 119ms


glMatrix - Avg: 75.8ms, Min: 74ms, Max: 78ms

mjs - Avg: 603.1ms, Min: 600ms, Max: 609ms

CanvasMatrix - Avg: 246ms, Min: 245ms, Max: 247ms

EWGL - Avg: 96.2ms, Min: 95ms, Max: 100ms

Rotation (Arbitrary axis)

glMatrix - Avg: 276ms, Min: 269ms, Max: 304ms

mjs - Avg: 6684.8ms, Min: 815ms, Max: 59376ms

CanvasMatrix - Avg: 602.8ms, Min: 594ms, Max: 623ms

EWGL - Avg: 286ms, Min: 284ms, Max: 289ms

Rotation (X axis)

glMatrix - Avg: 228ms, Min: 227ms, Max: 230ms

mjs - Avg: 821.4ms, Min: 819ms, Max: 825ms

CanvasMatrix - Avg: 605ms, Min: 331ms, Max: 3010ms

EWGL - Avg: 272ms, Min: 265ms, Max: 284ms


glMatrix - Avg: 53.9ms, Min: 49ms, Max: 75ms

mjs - Avg: 70.9ms, Min: 66ms, Max: 99ms

CanvasMatrix - Avg: 2.3ms, Min: 2ms, Max: 3ms

EWGL - Avg: 48.1ms, Min: 47ms, Max: 49ms


glMatrix - Avg: 378.2ms, Min: 376ms, Max: 383ms

mjs: Unsupported

CanvasMatrix - Avg: 371.9ms, Min: 344ms, Max: 500ms

EWGL - Avg: 1717.9ms, Min: 1323ms, Max: 4697ms

Inverse 3x3

glMatrix - Avg: 119.4ms, Min: 118ms, Max: 122ms

mjs - Avg: 181.8ms, Min: 180ms, Max: 185ms

CanvasMatrix: Unsupported

EWGL: Unsupported

Vector Transformation

glMatrix - Avg: 53ms, Min: 52ms, Max: 54ms

mjs: Unsupported

CanvasMatrix: Unsupported

EWGL: Unsupported

This can help you when want to test some new features of WebGL glMatrix.

luni, 17 iunie 2013

New HP Envy Rovy 20 and games.

This is the new HP

It's come with new Intel Haswell procesor , 1 TB HDD ,8 GB SSD, wireless 802.11ac and WiDi.

The display it's IPS ( in-plane switching ).

The TouchSmart 20 with come with a starting price of $620

The version of the TouchSmart 23 will have a price from $749 and up.

We will see this devices in June 2013.

The good news it's show in the next video where can see some games.

We can see what easy is to play social games and easy also to use.

Thank you youtube - TechBargains for this video review.

duminică, 9 iunie 2013

The new Game Engine for MonoGame named Gibbo 2D.

The game engine called Gibbo 2D, is now available.

It's make by Joao Alves, aka Bullock86 and it's free to use.

The engine use scripts. The scripts are made using the C# language and you can use .NET functionalities

You can read more about this game engine on Official Website.