vineri, 28 septembrie 2012

Tears of Steel - created using Blender 3D software.

A new film program created with Blender 3D.

The movie it's an project funding by Blender Foundation, Netherlands Film Fund, Cinegrid Amsterdam

You can read more about this project here.

Only 34 euro ... see the content of the first DVD here.

Some small problems seem to be for some users.

The team tell us: DVD Sponsors

As usual we will organize a DVD pre-sale campaign, giving everyone the opportunity to get their name mentioned in the main film credit scroll (for those who purchase and pay before the project starts) or in the a special DVD credits scroll (for those who purchase and pay before the film premiere).

Past experience has taught us that such credit is being perceived as very valuable, we will make more efforts to ensure we don’t miss a name this time!

... and the users reply:

Hey guys, I bought two DVD’s and can’t find my name anywhere. Any help?

Read more about these complaints.