miercuri, 15 iunie 2011

OpenSceneGraph - features

On 8 June 2011 , a new release of OpenSceneGraph (OSG) it is announce .
Today I read on internet about these enhancements:
Uniform variable performance enhancements.
Support for OpenGL multisample textures using the GL_ARB_texture_multisample extension.
OcclusionQueryNode support for multiple parent Camera nodes (including render to texture operations).
A new command line option for the osgconv application. "--use-world-frame" causes osgconv transformations to operate in the world, rather that the bounding volume, coordinate space.
New notification macros to avoid inefficiencies in STL stream implementations.
A new export option for the .OSG file format plugin. "OutputRelativeTextures" exports texture images to a subfolder of the exported model file.
Several updates and fixes to the .3DS file format plugin.

You can see some screenshots , here .
It seems that the development team is moving quickly, considering the evolution of this software.