duminică, 24 februarie 2013

The new Blender 2.66 - released .

You can download the new Blender 3D from here.

The release log can be found here.

The Blender 3D - version 2.66 come with Dynamic Topology sculpt, Cycles Hair render, Rigid Body Dynamics, HiDPI screen support, and fix some bugs.

You can see one best feature about how to render hair with cycles here.

luni, 4 februarie 2013

The best Blender works made in 2012

The five of the best Blender works made in 2012 and selected by vote by the viewers of the BlenderNews.org.

NeoAxis Game Engine 1.32 Released

NeoAxis Game Engine 1.32 contains small improvements and fixes for the recently released version 1.31.

Changes from the last version:

Sound System: Doppler effect has been added.

Bug fix: Resource Editor: Material Editor: Preview models are not visible when DiffuseVertexColor = True.

Bug fix: Resource Editor: Particle System Editor: Crash on editing list of emitters.

Bug fix: Resource Editor: Error on import skeleton animation.

Model Import: Assimp library has been updated to 3.0.

Read more here.