joi, 21 martie 2013

About teapot ...

Many people used the opengl and know the teapot object.

Today I will show one webpage...

Also you can test some opengl feature here.

... the history of the teapot video.

joi, 7 martie 2013

Asus launching Transformer AiO hybrid in April .

Graphics is not just software but also means hardware.

I got this news from internet about Asus Transformer AiO .

First, the Transformer AiO has two processors.

Using Intel Core i3 processor and Nvidia GeForce GT 730M graphics will run Windows 8 and Android.

The size of screen is 18.4-inch, 1080p multi-touch display.

The price is huge and will starts at $1299 and ASUS will launching in April.

I saw this device on youtube and it's beautiful device.

marți, 5 martie 2013

AMD show us the new TressFX.

AMD has announced a partnership with Square Enix studio Crystal Dynamics and that will bring gamers unprecedented realism.

The first step is : TressFX Hair engine.

Seam the TressFX is not exclusive to AMD and it works on any DirectX11 card, like: Order-Independent Transparency (OIT) or High Definition Ambient Occlusion (HDAO).

Also the TressFX will really be able to benefit from high DirectCompute performance.

Read more and see sample shots posted to AMD blog.