duminică, 17 mai 2015

Make online sprite with piskelapp.

This website -www.piskelapp.com let you to make your sprite.
Basically it's a interface with drawings features like:

- set the drawing tools;
- set grids;
- use layers;
- copy image to all layers;
- set your size and resize;

and more...

See this screenshots:

sâmbătă, 9 mai 2015

News: 0.A.D - discontinuation of the Alpha 15 Osiris.

The only distribution bundling Alpha 15 is Ubuntu 14.04 LTS, The Alpha 16 is available in backports, and the latest version is available in our PPA. Alpha 15 with the subsequent Alpha 16 being out for a year now. The Alpha 15 Osiris multiplayer lobby is now discontinued. Read more about this game here.

joi, 7 mai 2015

News: libGDX 1.6.0 released

I used libGDX. It's simple and you can used with 2D graphics. Now the libGDX come with one new version 1.6.0. The new features and the fixed bugs can fi found here. I will come with one simple tutorial under android project. Also you can see more about my work under my tutorials website.

sâmbătă, 2 mai 2015

News: Unity and Microsoft Holographic Academy - HoloLens .

According to this article - the Unity team has a few days working with developers at the Microsoft Holographic Academy.
They tells us:
 Unity’s HoloLens support follows the recent announcement that Microsoft and Unity would be working together to better integrate Unity and Visual Studio. This agreement has an important impact for the many developers new to Unity looking to develop game and non-game applications for HoloLens. Increased discoverability through shared installations and new scripting templates will make creating a new HoloLens project fast and simple.