joi, 18 decembrie 2014

News: NeoAxis 3D Engine 3.1 Released

The new release is announce by NeoAxis development team:
NeoAxis Group Ltd is glad to announce the release of a new version of the universal environment for 3D project development NeoAxis 3D Engine 3.1. This version brings 2 major new features: the add-on creation possibilities have been extended and you can now embed a web browser easily inside your project UI thanks to the new built-In Web Browser UI widget!
This free development environment can be downloaded from oficial website.

About Nvidia FleXes with PhysX effects.

This is a video from youtube about Nvidia FleXes new PhysX effects make by NVIDIA. This video helped users to understanding all simulations under NVIDIA devices. GPU-driven engine make all simulations with particle-based physics simulation that lets different effects affect one another. FleX is Nvidia's GameWorks program working currently in beta stage.