sâmbătă, 27 aprilie 2013

The new Blender 2.67 release will come with ...

The new Blender 2.67 release note can be used now with this new features:

Compositing Nodes

Cycles Rendering

Motion Tracker

Paint System Refactoring

Changes for Usability, tools, interface

FreeStyle - NPR Render

3D Printing Toolset

You can download a release candidate build for testing here .

The new AMD Catalyst - Linux x86 and x86_64

AMD has released a new graphics proprietary driver for Linux.

The new feature of Catalyst 13.4 for Linux supports all Radeon HD 5000/6000/7000 videocards.

You can download Catalyst 13.4 for Linux from here.

The new Catalyst 13.4 for Linux is an OpenGL 4.2 - GL_VERSION: 4.0.12217 Core Profile Context 12.104 driver.

sâmbătă, 20 aprilie 2013

Using SpiderGL to test shaders .

SpiderGL is a JavaScript 3D Graphics library which relies on WebGL for realtime rendering.

You can test it online using your browser using this website.

The website allow you to write shaders and also rendering the output.

Read more about shaders tutorial here.

Dungeon Hunter 4 free on Android OS.

Gameloft come on Android OS with Dungeon Hunter 4.

The game is free with in-app purchase.

The size of the game is 1 Gb.

See how to play from touchgameplay youtube channel.

sâmbătă, 6 aprilie 2013

NORDIC GAME – 2013 conference – Sweden

The Nordic Game 2013 conference will celebrate its tenth edition on 22-24 May.

Early bird discounts on passes are only available till 10 April.
This is first ever Unite Nordic conference in southern Sweden.
Read more here.

joi, 4 aprilie 2013

News - Corona SDK Starter

I like this engine but also is limited. Anyway this come today with some features:

We're excited to share today's big news: this morning we launched Corona SDK Starter, a completely free version of your favorite development platform. With the debut of Corona SDK Starter, we're eliminating any and all barriers in mobile development, and encouraging more developers to join the mobile revolution.

Corona Enterprise adds the ability to call any native Objective-C and Java library , you can read more about this here.