duminică, 25 august 2013

Gamescom 2013

I don't have any clue about is on Gamescon, but I found this article
"Gamescom is insane. Multiple giant halls filled with video games, besieged by 200,000 people, all jostling for hands-on time – and swag. While E3 is generally thought of as the industry's major event, this Cologne-based behemoth is the true, public-facing epicentre of the gaming year."
You can see some videos with the most wanted games.
I also like the new Batman: Arkham Origins - Nowhere to Run

Very nice idea with the Murasaki Baby 

And also Watch Dogs...

vineri, 16 august 2013

Making Money with Blender...

"Then I joined the Australia Army Reserves, in hopes turning into a “real man” overnight. But I kept daydreaming about how I would make my surroundings in Blender (no joke), so I was constantly chewed out at boot camp for not listening..."

Read the full article :

luni, 12 august 2013

News ... Synfig Studio 0.64.0 for Windows is available now.

Synfig is the best , light and easy way to do an animation. I used with linux and is simple tool to make animation. I think this software can be one great educational software. Your child will leave aside the pencil and sketchpad, watercolors to make own animations. Let's see the demo reel from 2012 by Rafael Bardisa.