sâmbătă, 21 martie 2015

News: Godot - new game engine working with Linux, Windows, OSX and consoles.

The last version of Godot Engine Reaches 1.0 come with new features: 
- working simple , flexible and feature rich editor, with tools under multi-platform editor: Linux, Windows and OSX;
- the game result work for your multi-platform : iOS, Android, Desktop Platforms: Windows, OSX, Linux,Web Platforms: PNaCL and consoles: Playstation 3 and Playstation Vita (only with license from Sony); 
- 2D and 3D game development; - GUI library for UI Game Interfaces; 
- Python-based scripting language, designed to make games with C++ API to optimize parts of the game or extend any part of the engine. - you can animate 2D or 3D. - simulate 2D and 3D physics engines; 
First look : I run it , working well. You need to make some settings to export the game.
Working with .obj to import objects . Not working with tff fonts.
Seam to be a lite dizzy , but I saw some good youtube tutorials. 
download the templates for exporting , see the next image:  
and export your game ... 

sâmbătă, 14 martie 2015

New Release: 0 A.D. Alpha 18 Rhododactylos

The development team of old and great game 0 A.D. come with a new version of this game. Download and installation instructions are available for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X. 0 A.D. is free to download it from official website.

miercuri, 4 martie 2015

News - Marvelous Designer 4.5 .

The official release of the new updated Marvelous Designer 4.5 come today with many new features such as FBX exporter, Piping, OBJ Sequence, Press and Superimpose.
You can download a 15 day free trial! or buy it:
  • MONTHLY SUBSCRIPTION - $ 59.99 Billed monthly
  • ANNUAL SUBSCRIPTION -$ 360.00 - Billed annually (Save up to 50%)
  • PERPETUAL $ 550.00 - One-time Fee