sâmbătă, 8 iulie 2017

The ShaderPlay Studios company.

About this company we can find out more on the official website:

ShaderPlay Studios is a software development company operating out of Playa Vista, California and founded on January of 2014 by Scott Bean, a veteran graphics engineer with 20 years of experience in the 3D software and gaming industry. The primary focus of ShaderPlay Studios is to give artists and engineers the tools they need to streamline their pipelines, iterate faster and ultimately create more meaningful digital content.
This development company come with tree software:

  • NodeFlex is a very powerful, programmable node-based data generator designed to greatly simplify any tedious, redundant and error-prone data authoring tasks.
  • ShaderFlex is a new breed of stand-alone code-based HLSL shader editors developed to take full advantage of DirectX 11/12.
  • RenderFlex is a real-time viewer for ShaderFlex users to distribute and showcase their shader creations without giving away any of their proprietary source code or assets.
You can see more videos on the youtube official channel: