luni, 24 octombrie 2016

Beloola - 3D world.

Beloola is the web-based social network constructed as an immersive 3D world. It resembles Linden Lab’s Second Life, but doesn’t require any special software except for the browser. This allows passionate people to meet up in the same place anytime they want. With free content you can set your avatar boy or girl and explore the word of this Web VR platform.

sâmbătă, 22 octombrie 2016

Krita 3.1 beta available.

The Krita 3.1 beta come with a full features and fixes.
The most useful features can you be found into this 2D software for drawing:

  • ffmpeg-based export to animated gif and video formats;
  • the OpenGL canvas is fixed;
  • will officially support OSX
  • fixing bugs on Windows and Linux
  • the beta still contains the colorize mask/lazy brush plugin
  • expecting to experimenting with new algorithms, but with the next release 
  • same splash screen like old version
You can read more abiut this here. 
Krita come with this free copyright for Krita

Krita is free software under the GNU Public License, Version 2 or any later version at your option. This means you can get the source code for Krita from . The license only applies to the Krita source code, not to your work! You can use Krita to create artworks for commerical purposes without any limitation.

Krita Shell Extension come with MIT copyright. Krita Shell Extension
The MIT License
Copyright (c) 2016 Alvin Wong

vineri, 14 octombrie 2016

OpenVR for VR hardware under linux, windows and osx.

Is working with windows 64/32, linux 64 and osx 32. The github tells us about this development:
OpenVR is an API and runtime that allows access to VR hardware from 
multiple vendors without requiring that applications have specific 
knowledge of the hardware they are targeting. This repository is an SDK 
that contains the API and samples. The runtime is under SteamVR in Tools 
on Steam.
Documentation for the API is available in the wiki:
More information on OpenVR and SteamVR can be found on

miercuri, 5 octombrie 2016

Defold Engine with editor and lua scripting.

The new game engine come from Defold Engine and was released 31. May 2016.

The Defold is a cross platform 2D focused Lua powered game engine created by King and available for free. If you want to learn Lua programming language or you know this programming language, then is great.
About Lua:  is a powerful, efficient, lightweight, embeddable scripting language. It supports procedural programming, object-oriented programming, functional programming, data-driven programming, and data description.
This game engine brings improved editor performance on OSX, Windows, Linux 32 and 64 with  GUI layer counts. It's working with your google account.
You can also have online tutorials.
This improved account management options, including the ability to delete your account if required. You can see the official playlist with some video tutorials:

duminică, 2 octombrie 2016

Blender 3D - addon Screencast Keys tested.

Today I tested the Screencast Keys with the last version of Blender 3D - version 2.78.
One great addon can be used to share your work over 3D Blender community.
This addon will show the keys and mouse actions into Blender 3D.
The Blender 3D addon can be downloaded from here and then just put into your Blender 3D path: blender-2.78-rc2-windows64\2.78\scripts\addons.
Now next step is to enable it from: User Preferences > Add-Ons > 3D View.
Restart your Blender 3D software to make setting.
The setting can be allow with start under right panel by using key N and will find the Screencast Keys area.
You can also just start working by press the keys: Shift+Alt+C.
The addon is very useful for most blender users.